Test out our client portal and see what we have to offer. Log-in listed below:

  • Test user name is Test@ipm.com

  • Password is Test

  • Note: One fabricated job is available for reference. Click on the status to the far right to see service information, invoice example, email examples and more. 

Service of process:

  • GPS and photo evidence

  • Real time update

  • Customizeable instructions

  • Servers in all 50 States

Levy packages:

  • Wage garnishment packages

  • Bank levies

  • Third party levies


Court / Secretary of State:

  • Court filing

  • Corporation / LLC filings

  • Research

  • Records


  • Skip-tracing

  • Backgrounds

  • Stake-outs


Medical records:

  • Service of subpoenas

  • Medical records pickup

  • On-site scanning

​​In-house notary

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